Events Policy

Twin Villas Natai

Event Policy Summary:

A professional event planner, catering company, and lead guest approved by Twin Villas Natai is required for all weddings, parties, photo shoots, film/TV production, wellness retreats, and corporate events.
Twin Villas Natai may conduct licensing and qualification checks on the Event Provider selected by the lead guest.

Only a rental of the entire 10-bedroom estate of Twin Villas Natai, permitting 22 in-residence guests (adults and children over the age of 2), is permitted under this policy.
No events are permitted with the rental of a 5- or 7-bedroom occupancy.
We reserve the right to reject the selected event provider, should the event provider fail to have the appropriate qualifications. Either the lead guest or event provider should be able to present a valid business license and insurance policy covering any losses or damage.

The total guest capacity for an on-site event at Twin Villas Natai is 60 guests (adults and children over the age of 2), inclusive of 22 in-villa guests.
Any number exceeding 60 guests is unlawful and prohibited.

Refundable and Non-Refundable Event Fees:

1) Twin Villas Natai: Non-refundable event payment of USD $1,000 or THB 35,000 + 17.7% Government tax and service charge = USD $1,177 or THB 41,195
The event fee is charged per day/evening of any scheduled events.

Example 1:
Thursday – Corporate Event Catered Dinner with 60-guests
Total Event (1x) fee: USD $1,177

Example 2:
Wednesday – Evening: Wedding Rehearsal Dinner
Thursday – Day: Wedding Ceremony and Reception
Total Event (2x) fee: USD $2,354

2) A refundable security fee per villa of USD $1,000 or THB 35,000 is due in advance or upon check-in.
The total deposit due for 10-bedroom estate occupancy: USD $2,000 or THB 70,000

Provided there is no damage, 100% of the refundable fee is returned in full at check-out by the Twin Villas Natai villa manager. Processing times of the receiver’s bank may vary.

Twin Villas Natai does not provide event equipment (chairs, tables, sound systems, speakers, lights, decorations, etc.), catering services, waitstaff, and event entertainment (DJ’s, fireworks, etc.). No member of the Twin Villas Natai estate staff is responsible for any service capacity before, during or after the event. All requirements are to be prearranged through an event planner or lead guest. Additionally, the event planner and a crew or villa guests are entirely responsible to clean the property post-event. Should the exterior and interior of Twin Villas Natai not be adequately cleaned, an additional cleaning fee of USD $500 THB 15,000 will be charged to the lead guest at check-out.


Twin Villas Natai will not be held liable in any way for the risk, danger, accident, illness, injury or death with any participant or present individual on or off the premises of Twin Villas Natai.

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